Custom Tile of Austin has been in business for over 35 years.

It is our mission to make our work as enjoyable as possible, and at the same time to deliver a superior installation to our customers for a fair price. To accomplish this, we must communicate well with each other, our customers, and our suppliers. We must also make enough money to support a decent lifestyle, and have enough flexibility in our scheduling to enjoy our lives. We strive to treat everyone in a manner that reflects our Win-Win Philosophy.

Steve Smith, Owner

Philosophy of Teamwork

Steve tells this story which clearly expresses how we at Custom Tile feel about our work:

Two men were working as stone cutters. Both were asked what they were doing. The first man said, “I’m working in the hot sun cutting stone.” The second man said, “I’m working with a team that is building a beautiful cathedral.”

Steve and our crews strive to work with everyone on the construction team in a manner that fosters teamwork and is a driving force toward a common goal.